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Florida Secrets

Florida - From the Heart

Writer/Director/Marketer, Craig Farlinger, has filmed 44 travel programs throughout the United States and Canada over the last 23 years for three different distributors. He has extensive experience working with tourism operators to optimize internet advertising. Craig's directing and photographic abilities have been fully leveraged to create a new genre of authentic travel program featuring Florida's iconic attractions and resorts along with some secret gems. Watch the trailer for Canadian Rockies to Vancouver island - From the Heart, an innovative new kind of travel program.

Florida Coastline

A new kind of travel program that showcases Florida's beauty, resorts and major visitor attractions in high resolution 4K video

This new genre of authentic tour travel program features absolutely stunning, high resolution 4K videography including time lapse and gimbal stabilized drone aerials. But what sets this show apart from other well filmed travel programs is its use of "behind the scenes" segments featuring Director of Photography - Bob Ennis, Associate Producer - Blanca Blandon and Director - Craig Farlinger. Bob Ennis shot the circlevision360 program "Portraits of Canada" for Disney which is the longest running (28 years), most commercially successful exhibition film of all time still running in the Epcot Center at Disney World.


The program content is repurposed into short format streaming video campaigns to promote featured tourism operators

Well marketed overview destination videos receive many more views than commercial single tourism business videos. Resorts and attractions also position themselves as industry leaders in their area. Mediamind owns and operates the TV4Travel website portal used by travelers worldwide to plan their holidays. Our most recent internet marketing for British Columbia's top tourism operators is an amazing success with record-setting 2015 early booking rates. We are pleased to be getting the word out about these amazing destination resorts and attractions.

Click here to watch: British Columbia - Best Nature Destinations and Top Resorts.

This media and advertising program is for the 2016 vacation season, so we need your participation now to begin filming November 1, 2015.

Please see details in the sidebar at right and order link below. Sign up closes October 15, 2015.


1. A full day of filming with drone aerials, handheld gimbal, Panasonic GH4 camera, director, crew and equipment;
2. All editing and audio tracking for at least a 1 minute segment in Florida - From the Heart;
3. 100 DVDs packaged for sale delivered to featured advertisers;
4. A 20 second or longer segment in a Florida destination area overview video (see sidebar for details);
5. A 2 minute video featuring your specific attraction and resort;
6. All footage shot for featured advertisers is available for them to use as b-roll.

Total cost is $7,500 plus $750/month (minimum 6 month run) starting in March 2016

Tourism Operators

1. Dedicated segment in a new IPTV travel program

Internet streaming video is the future. Mediamind shares content with leading IPTV aggregators, providing programming to travel DVD distributors, Youtube, Vimeo and many new digital video platforms. For the first time, this 1 hour format program provides a comprehensive overview of Florida's top tourism destinations, presented by a rising talent, Blanca Blandon.

2. Up-to-date streaming videos including 4K and HD b-roll to use in all media without restriction

We create streaming videos for all our featured attractions and resorts that can be embedded on all websites and mobile apps. These streaming segments include all editing, graphics, encoding, music and professional voice-overs. Opportunities in traditional and non-traditional media are expanding, so tourism operators need to be able to supply media outlets with up-to-date, professionally shot HD and 4K footage. Shooting in 4K results in a better picture on large screens and a sharper video on smaller screens.

3. 100 DVDs for marketing and souvenir shop sales

Each particpating tourism operator also receives 100 packaged-for-sale bluray or DVD programs. They can be given away for additional advertising or sold in operator affiliated souvenir shops to offset the cost of this advertising program. We wholesale these DVDs to resellers to increase international viewership.

4. Youtube, Facebook, Google Adwords, Adsense and TV4Travel.com campaigns, along with extensive website linking
Attractions are grouped into compatible, non-competing, tourism areas and edited into streaming videos of 2-4 minutes each. These are linked to major travel booking websites, airlines and hotel websites. Specific tourism area streaming videos are also marketed using facebook boosts, Youtube, google adwords banner and search campaigns. These "Explore Floridaā€¯ short videos are fast paced, fun, experiential and full of beautiful imagery. Florida is divided up into the following 6 separately edited tourism area overviews:

1. Miami and Florida Keys
2. Florida's Atlantic Coast
3. Florida Gulf Coast
4. North Florida
5. Central Florida
6. Florida Everglades and Islands