Featured Media Design

Moving smoothly through space in three dimensions to show off a property and home is the new premium production value in real estate videos. Click the following link to see this more effective marketing tool: Real Estate video tour with Steadicam

Now have a look at our ultra-steady gimbal: Sausalito North in West Vancouver Canada

Call today 604-340-8678. We tour your property and provide a complete itemized quotation at no cost.

Media Production Services

We are experienced with both location and studio production.
We are Adobe CS professionals who have printed thousands of jobs.
We have completed websites using wordpress, html5, flash, php custom code and database integration.

Advertising Services

Facebook, Youtube and Google Adwords Campaigns
The big three Internet advertising platforms excel at targeting viewers according to thousands of attrbutes with full data analytics.
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Corporate Media and Communications
Craig Farlinger has 25 years of experience working with public, startup and private companies creating advertising and managing media communications.
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New Digital CircleVision360 Production
The Mediamind team has more experience shooting circlevision than any other group in the world including being up to date on the latest technology.
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