The Team:


Craig is a Television Producer who has worked closely with Bob Ennis for the last twenty-three years on TV commercials, documentaries, corporate videos and travel programs shot throughout Canada and the United States. Craig is a writer, director, editor and artist who manages MediaMind Digital's facilities for high definition video production, post-production and animation. He has managed investor relations and media for oil and gas and other public companies for 17 years as well as software development projects.


Bob Ennis has been a well-known name in the film industry for thirty years. Bob was co-creator and CGI Director of Photography (DOP) on Jibber Jabber a children's 3D twenty six episode animation series which won three Leo awards in the spring of 2008. Winner of Gemini and other awards, his work includes DOP on the "Danger Bay" series (88 episodes), winner of the Gold Medal as Best Television Series in the Youth category at the International Film and TV Festival, New York. Further TV Series work included “21 Jump Street”, “Ritters Cove”, “Wiseguy”, “MacGyver” and “”Beachcombers”. Bob's Feature film credits include: “Jumanji”, “Bird On A Wire”, “The Journey of Natty Gann”, “Clan of the Cave Bear” and “Home Is Where The Heart Is”. He has worked on Movie of the Week productions such as “Can of Worms”, “Dog’s Best Friend”, and “Up River”. EXPO 86’ in Vancouver, showcased Bob’s work as DOP on the Disney CircleVision360 film “Portraits of Canada”, shot with 9 cameras and projected in a specially built theatre that surrounds the audience.


Neil has worked with Craig Farlinger and Bob Ennis since 1985 when Craig hired him as an editor right after graduating from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design. Neil is an online editor and colour timer who has worked on numerous television series and one hour documentaries. In the last two years alone he has on-lined and colour timed over 110 hours of broadcast high definition video programming. Neil’s experience with the Avid Symphony colour correcting tool set and artistic eye have been invaluable to MediaMind.


Angus's most recent accomplishments and credits include: Lead Modeler, 'Max Steel 7', Direct to video; Senior Modeler and Character Technical Director, 'Ghostbusters the Video Game'; Senior Modeler, 'Max Steel 6: Biocrisis', Direct to video; VFX Artist, 'Destination Infestation', Direct to video; Lead Technical Director, 'Jibber Jabber'; Television series, season one; Winner of four Leo Awards in 2008 including Best Animation Series.


"Bob Ennis and I have been talking about doing a travel program project in Florida for many years and finally we're finding some time to get the concept out there. My family has had a house in West Palm Beachfor decades, so it is a place that is close to my heart. Bob's Circlevision360 program that he shot for Disney has been playing at the Epcot Center for three decades now."

"It’s all about telling stories. As a director with many years experience, I’ve worked in feature film, direct to video and television for a number of different audiences. I love being faced with a new challenge in creative thinking and digital problem solving and I excel at efficiently, quickly and effectively enhancing stories of all kinds."

"A graphic designer is an information organizer - they have to assemble that information into a product that meets the clients needs. We may have to provide photography, illustration, copy or work with that which is provided. We may rework a photo to update a change in the product, assemble multiple photos to achieve the desired result or do an illustration for something that is only an idea at the time."